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Engineering and design services include:

product conceptualization,
patent searches and patent applications,
product definition,
product planning,
project management,
product manufacturability analysis,
detail electronic product development,
production test apparatus, production procedures, and quality control,
technology transfer to contract manufacturers.

Detail product development services include:

industrial design (packaging, operator interface),
functional design (for extreme environments and hazardous locations),
analog circuit development (using discrete components, integrated circuits, including the design, simulation and layout of analog Application Specific Integrated Circuits),
digital circuit development (using discrete components, integrated circuits, programmable logic arrays (PLAs), and ASICs),
microcontroller circuit development (interface to memory, keypads, displays, A/D and D/A converters, serial and parallel communication interfaces),
operating system firmware and application software design (using Assembler and C++ for microcontrollers from several different manufacturers),
schematic entry, circuit bread-boarding and Spice simulation (analog, digital and microcontroller circuitry),
circuit board layout design (through-hole, surface mount, single sided, double sided and multi-layer printed circuit board design and layout),
mechanical prototyping (sensor and packaging development,
special approvals design, (evaluation and compliance support for CE, ASAE, ANSI, CSA, DOC, FCC, SAE, UL, and ULC),
short run and pilot production (Surface mount, through-hole, mechanical, packaging).
technology transfer to contract manufacturers for high volume production.

These services are available to solve your instrumentation problems. Contact us about your project!

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