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Fun and useful? links:

ee.cleversoul.com/hotsheet.html THE site for finding electronic component manufacturers, data sheets,and distributors.
howstuffworks.com/top40.htm The top 40 articles and questions about how things work, including how CDs and web servers work and what WD-40 stands for.
tlc.discovery.com/guides/tech/tech.html The Learning Channel tech site - learn something new!
howstuffworks.com/daily-stuff.htm For a daily article, question, gadget, or survey from any category for inquisitive minds.
repairfaq.org/sam/gadget.htm#gadtoc Sam's Gadget FAQ- "Salvaging Interesting Gadgets, Components, and Subsystems."
backtable.org/~blade/fnord/condiments.html Humorous- a table of condiments that periodically go bad.
kartoo.com A unique search engine, try it!
edmontoncity.net Find out more about the city that CTM calls home.

Client Links (in alphabetical order):

ALR Technologies
Cascade EWS
Integrated Production Services
NegaWatt Technologies
Russell NDE Systems
Tanknology (select Technology Vacutect)
Tyler Research

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